the beatles and the bible...

.....a unique approach to evangelism

We design Beatle-themed t-shirts in a way that tugs at others curiosity, prompting them to start that conversation that we struggle with. Each shirt has a Beatle song title and a corresponding bible verse. We research the meaning of the song and find a compatible bible verse. Many people are confused with the pairing of the Beatles and the Bible and many ask. They have started the conversation. Now it’s our turn.

How to become a 'walrus' for Jesus - For $60 per year (plus shipping and handling where applicable) we will send you 1 shirt per quarter with a business card explaining the connection between the song and verse. It works and it's fun!

United States

  • The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Bellmeade, Huntsville, The Ferguson Unit, TX; Kissimmee, Disneyland, FL; Denver, Fraser, Aurora, Arvada, CO; Manhattan, NY, Winterville, GA, Shelbina, MO, Honolulu, HI, Farmington, NM, San Francisco, CA; in the air flying to Tulsa, OK


  • Lake Louise, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City


  • ​Granada, Spain; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Paris, France

walrus project in action

The Two of us


The Walrus Project

 For us, and I suspect many of you, sharing the gospel is a bit intimidating. In some ways, it is similar to jogging. We understand the benefits, even enjoy it, but taking that first step is the challenge.  If we could just figure out how to get others to start the conversation, we would do the rest. Thus, the impetus for this foundation but specifically, The Walrus Project.

The Houston Charis Foundation was formed on July 1, 2014 as a private non-profit charitable organization. We had very little seed money, an even smaller amount of webpage design knowledge, and virtually no concept of Information Technology. (I even had to ask my brother what IT stood for) We did have 500 free business cards from Vista Print and a boatload of heart and desire.