In addition to the Walrus Project, HCF supports other ministry areas. These ministries are:

Yellow Submarine Ministry: This ministry emphasizes Children's Ministries. It has often been said to reach adults, the best place to start is through their children. While that is true, we must also realize that bringing children up 'in the church' has long term benefits for the child, the family, the church and ultimately, society. Matthew 18:1-5 

Walls and Bridges Ministry - There are so many examples of countries that are so poor, they cannot afford to have a dedicated place to worship. Walls and Bridges supports efforts to assist these poor communities and countries in building places of worship. Matthew 16:18

Twist and Shout Ministry - Worship through song is an integral part of the our worship experience, sour notes and all! This ministry supports new Christian artists because in this humanistic world, Christian artists, faith-based movies and other forms Christian worship in the world are beginning at a disadvantage. Our5 desire is to help leveling the playing field. Psalm 149:3